Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions about app. If you don’t find the answer to your questions below please get in touch


What info can I track about my swim workouts?

You can log swim duration, notes and stroke about your swim. Currently you can only log a single drill. We'll be adding the ability to add drills/workouts in the near future. For now, you can add further info about your drills in the notes function.

I forgot to record a swim, can I record a past swim?

You can log a swim on a date up to 30 days prior. Visit the log swim screen and swipe back to the date of your swim.

How do i delete a swim?

Visit your swim history from your dashboard. Locate the swim you wish to delete and then tap that and you’ll see ‘Delete Swim’ at the bottom of this.

Can I record swims greater than 99 lengths?

Go to “log a swim” and scroll to the far right and you will then see”Custom Lengths” icon. Tap this and you can enter the number here.

Can I record my open water swims or for a pool not on SwimIO?

We currently provide a gentle work-around for this! From ‘log a swim’ screen, scroll to the right hand side of your favourite pools and select “ Your Custom Pool”. The keyboard will pop up and you can enter any distance e.g.1200m and set lengths = 1. If you want to add a name to your swim you can use the “Add a Note” function on this screen. This “Custom Pool” will be saved for future.

What's the maximum swim distance I can log?

15,000m. It used to be 10,000m but we had requests from swimmers to increase it! There are some big distance swimmers out there in the community!

How can I amend time, sets or notes to a swim that I've already recorded?

The only way to do this in current version is to delete swim and then re-log swim with time, sets info.


What is Health Kit & Health App?

Health is Apple’s new app to give you a more complete picture of your health and fitness data from a wide range of sources. ‘HealthKit’ is the mechanism apps (like SwimIO) contribute to or use information from - but you choose what you want to be shared.

Will this work on my device?

You can use the Health app on iPhone 4s or later or iPod touch 5th gen and it’s not currently available on iPad. You need to be running iOS 8.02 or higher.

What data from my Apple Health app is used by SwimIO?

We only use your ‘Weight’ from the Apple Health App if you give us permission.

What data does SwimIO share?

Once you enable Healthkit in ‘Settings’ (from the SwimIO side menu). SwimIO calculates calories and then shares the swims you record along with calories to Health App.

Is my data safe ?

Apple have taken this subject very seriously and your data is encrypted. More info here

More questions about Healthkit or having problems?

Please contact


My local swimming pool is not showing?

We’ve tried to make the pool finder the most comprehensive source available. If your local pool is missing then please let us know and we’ll add it. Please email with the pool name, address and ideally a website link or phone number if you know it.

How do I favourite my regular pool?

If you tap the pool icon on your dashboard and view you can then tap the ‘heart’ icon. You’ll now see swim activity from other SwimIO swimmers at your pool.


What’s the difference between Distance and Map Goals?

Distance goals are for swimmers who like the idea of building their swim fitness to achieve a distance milestone but are motivated by weekly milestones building towards the final goal. We've made each step simple to follow and remember pool-side - a target distance and maximum number of rests. Log at least this distance for your swim session and you'll progress to the next milestone.

Can my swims count towards a map goal and a distance goal plan?

At present your swims can only count towards either your map challenge goal or distance goal but not both so you need to choose between a single goal.

How do I view my goal history?

Go to left menu and tap Goals. You can view your goal history from “My Goal History”.

How do I switch from one goal to another?

Select the goal you want to switch to and start. Your old goal will automatically pause. You can resume your previous goal from “My Goal History” at any time.

Can I restart a challenge which I have already finished?

Yes of course! Select the map goal challenge you want to restart and just tap “Restart”


“Pool Rules” for SwimIO Community

Be nice - no abusive, offensive, defamatory and generally unlawful language
Be respectful- anything seen as bullying or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated
Be relevant - no spamming, trolling, promotional or repetitive comment
Be original- please only share what you have rights to share
Be safe- no diving, bombing, pushing, shoving or running and most importantly no heavy petting!
If you notice or experience something that you feel breaks these rules please notify us immediately

How do I compare my stats with friends?

Go to “Friends” and tap into your friend’s details. Tap “Compare Your Stats” and you can now compare.

How do I invite a friend to a challenge after I started the challenge?

Go to Goals (Flag on your dashboard). Scroll and tap “Invite”

How do you delete/ ‘unfriend’ someone?

Find them in your friends, tap on their profile and then on the top right of the screen you’ll see ‘...’ Tap this and “Remove this friend”

Private or Anonymous profiles?

We don’t currently support this but we plan to add it in the future. For now if you want to protect your identity you can always choose a username and profile picture which are not easy to recognise your real identity.

For our full privacy policy in relation to the app please refer to Privacy


When will Android version be available?

We definitely want to add an Android version of the app. We don’t have a timescale yet but we want it too!

Which countries is the SwimIO app available in?

| It’s currently available in France, Canada, China, Ireland, Mexico, UK and USA. | We plan to roll-out globally very soon.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

In settings you’ll see "Notifications on/off" will stop your email notifications when people join/challenges. You will still see the status of these invites in the notifications area of the app but you won’t receive emails.Occasionally we send emails with news and updates about the app. You can unsubscribe at any time from these email by clicking on the unsubscribe link.

[updated: Oct 2014 with HealthKit]